$0.99 on 1/12/2018 – Man in Charge by Nadia Nightside

No one can deny biology. When it comes to who should be handing out erotic orders and calling the shots, the answer is always the same—strong, virile, alpha men. Hot, nubile, sensual (and especially FERTILE) nymphs belong on their knees in front of Real Men. Men who know they belong on top; Men who know that women exist to be commanded and controlled—especially in the bedroom. These TWENTY stories—including one FULL-LENGTH EROTIC NOVEL—are full of the kind of hot erotic action that can only happen when a Real Man knows he’s the Boss. Sometimes, he’s so virile and powerful, his alpha genes alter women to his liking—making them sexier, curvier, and more able to give him heirs. Other times, he just takes what he wants—not caring if she says “no” (and why would he? No one can really refuse him)—pins his lover down, and fills her so full of his hot white unprotected seed that she’s brimming with pregnant delight almost immediately. It doesn’t matter if she’s a significant other, a student, a crush, or someone he’s known all his life—a Real Man Knows He Can Take Whatever He Wants.

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