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College student Stella can’t figure out what’s wrong with her. She can’t concentrate on her lectures, can’t focus on her notes, can’t study in the library—and all because of the relentless throbbing between her legs. When she begs Doctor Futa for help, the medical exam goes better than expected. But after Stella’s issue is resolved, will the same condition afflict the good doctor?

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$0.99 on 4/22/2016 – Hannah’s First Time with the Military Doctor by Desiree Hart

Sweet and innocent Hannah recently blossomed into a young adult woman. At the insistence of Mrs. Smith, she scheduled for her first medical exam. But to her surprise, the doctor appointed to examine her untouched body was a hot and alluring military man.

Officer Clark was a military doctor with a lot on his plate. He didn't have time to play mind games when it came to women. So when he found himself instantly aroused by his newest patient, he made quick plans to claim her as his own.

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Cheating Hotwife 5-Story Bundle

Temptation abounds in this bundle of stories. Loving wives are lured into becoming hotwives. Meanwhile, humiliated husbands struggle with their own reaction to watching their wives with other men. Read now for a delectable taste of the forbidden fruit.

This steamy bundle features wife watching, adult nursing fantasy, and naughty medical exams.

My Taboo First Exam 1

Dr. Caldwell looked between my legs. “I don't mean to be unprofessional,” he said, “but that’s the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.”

Jolene Tucker’s life is on the skids and she’s only just graduated. She’s the sole income in her family and Dairy Queen isn’t cutting it. She needs money, fast.

Reluctantly, Jo decides to try being a stripper, but first she needs a health certificate. And the only doctor who will give her a free medical exam is Dr. Richard Caldwell. Her mama’s best friend.

He’s gorgeous. Pink parts engorging hot. He’s more familiar than any other man in her life. She feels like having him do it should help calm her nerves. But it’s only making her crazier. Hotter. Wetter.

The Doctor’s Taboo Touch #1

“I need to feel the subtleties,” he said, “and the latex gloves take away all sensation.”

Doctor Connor Andrews convinces young and inexperienced Mia Monet to cover for him at his medical practice. He’s always been there for her so she can’t refuse. But she has zero experience with the exams, as a nurse or as a patient. She’s never even had an annual check-up.

She joins him for the last appointment of the day, where an uncooperative patient has to be strapped down for her own safety, and pleasure.

Mia discovers that the doctor’s forbidden method of examination is nothing like she imagined. She has so much to learn, but part of her knows it’s wrong to be taught by someone so familiar. Another part of her doesn’t care.

Tempted by My Billionaire’s Doctor 1: A BBW Medical Humiliating First Time Menage

Captain Barclay grimaced. “I’ll have no harlot bearing my grandsons.”

Charlotte Dunn sweats middle class America. Surviving doesn’t leave time for much else. Then she meets Ashton Barclay, the man of her dreams. The only man that’s ever made her feel beautiful. The only son and heir of a billionaire banking tycoon. The same bank that foreclosed her home. Complicated doesn’t begin to cover it.

Captain Barclay doesn’t like her on principle. Meeting Charlotte with her hand down his son’s pants didn’t help. He knows she’ll debase the family’s good name. A medical exam is the only way to prove her innocence.

She knows it’s wrong, but she’ll lose the love of her life if she doesn’t do it. Love and vengeance war within her, and she’s got just one chance to get them both right.

I Was Spanked by the Doctor

He grabs my chin in his hand and leans down to whisper in my ear.

“I think you like danger. I think you're a bored rich girl who likes to be shocking.”

Gina started a fake diary to throw her overprotective parents off the trail of her sexual adventures. But even the tame entries she makes up are too much for them and they send her to see Dr. Madison. They hope he will give her guidance in the permissive youth culture of 1966. Instead, he gives Gina the discipline and danger she secretly craves.

This eighth stand-alone story from the Doctors of Hartly Institute series contains medical play, spanking, restraint, and rough sex