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$0.99 on 7/11/2018 – Reaper’s Promise – A Wild Reapers MC by Kiki Leach

Colette: I woke up in Vegas married to my ex-boyfriend's hot as hell biker brother. Not that I'm exactly complaining considering I've practically been in love with him since forever, but… Record scratch. Wait a second. I bet you're wondering how the hell a kindergarten teacher got here, right? Well join the (biker) club, because so am I!

Roman: She woke up next to me in Vegas with a diamond cuff around her ankle and a matching ring on her finger, and is wondering how the hell she got here. I didn't have the heart to tell her that she only said yes to my proposal because she thought I was my inept kid brother. I didn't have the guts to tell her that I've wanted to know the taste of her skin and the feel of her legs wrapped around my waist from the moment she was first introduced to me as his girlfriend nine years ago. But I DO have the courage to tell her that since she's now officially been made mine, there's no way that I'm letting her go.

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$0.99 on 6/7/2018 – Indecent Exposure by N.S. Johnson

College graduate, Nubi (not her real name) is curious about the BDSM lifestyle. When she approaches her straight-laced boyfriend with a kinky suggestion, he unceremoniously dumps her.

Determined to explore her wild side, Nubi applies for entry into a sex club. At orientation she falls for a Dominant, is pursued by a sadist, and unwittingly befriends an exhibitionist. But before she can play, she’ll need to get approved as a member of the Black Dahlia Club. Otherwise its back to a vanilla lifestyle.

Join Nubi as she learns the ropes and chains, ins and outs, and thrusts and releases of the BDSM lifestyle in the Kink 101 series.

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$0.99 on 7/26/2017 – Test Drive by N.S. Johnson

He’s the wrong turn her perfect life needed.

Ellie has never taken a wrong turn, until she gets lost dropping off a classmate on the wrong side of town. To make matters worse, she blows a tire and is surrounded by a group of gorgeous, hot street racers. They offer to help her out…for a price.

It’s not currency that Hawk, the leader of the Watchers Crew, wants. He wants to sink his claws into Ellie’s sweet, untouched flesh. Once he does, the kinky gentleman aims to share Ellie with the rest of his crew.

After a wild ride beyond any erotic dream, Ellie must decide; will she go back to her old life which was planned out, safe, and orderly? Or will she take the wrong turn her perfect life needed with a man who sets her heart aflame, and the crew who has become her family?

“Test Drive” is the first in the Watchers Crew series; a scorching hot, urban erotic series that explores themes of sexual awakenings, menage, and open relationships. If you like your heroes alpha and multiple, then you’ll love the men of the Watchers Crew.

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A Bride for One Season

I'm what they call a hostess, an entertainer at one of the finest bars in Kyoto.

That means three things: I don’t kiss. I don't sleep with my clients. And I don’t do relationships.

My life in Japan has protected me from the sorrows of my past—I’m an island, and I can’t be hurt. If it weren’t for the debt collectors breathing down my neck, my life would be perfect.

Danilo Yamakawa—half-Japanese, half-Brazilian, all man—strolls into my life with a proposal I can’t possibly refuse.

He’s brash. He’s pushy. He’s in control, just like his father before him.

But with Danilo, I can finally leave this country and live without ties to my life back home.

It soon becomes clear that I can’t be around Danilo without wanting to break every rule—the ones from my job, and the ones that have carefully guided my life.

With any other man, the solution would be easy.

But I’ve just agreed to become Danilo’s wife, and the payout is ten million dollars.

I just hope he doesn't break me – and the walls that keep my past from crashing back in.