$FREE on 1/23/2017 – Obsession by Tawanna Cain

It finally happened, Donald actually asked me to marry him. I should be excited, right? Should be jumping up and down, planning my future with the man of my dreams. Only, he’s not that person, and what’s worse, I can’t stop obsessing over what sex would be like with him. I have to get him out of my system or risk losing Donald forever. I guess the only thing left to do is stay the hell away from Ricky Gonzalez If my obsession doesn’t get the better of me first..

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Conquered by the Nerd (Forced Lesbian Submission Book 8)

My paper's due tomorrow.

Allie makes a deal with Milly the nerd for a term paper so that she can pass her class and not drop below a 2.0 GPA, which would cause her to lose her loans and grants. But when Milly finds out how desperate Allie's situation is, she disappears for days, only eventually contacting Allie again 12 hours before the paper is due.

When they meet up at the library after closing hours, the paper's done, but the terms have changed. When Milly ups the amount of money she wants, Allie's put in a position where she can't possibly get the money fast enough.

But that's okay, because Milly's looking for something else in exchange for the paper, and with Allie's academic future on the line, Milly can name any price she wants.

And that price is Allie, the girl she's been secretly in love with for years.

This short story is part of the “Forced Lesbian Submission” series and contains forced submission and dubious consent, blackmail, oral, a lap dance, a love for orgasms, and a submissive becoming a dominant.