unprotected sex

$0.99 on 9/11/2017 – Her Wanton Desires: (First Time Hotwife Erotic Romance) by Mia Moore

From bestselling author Mia Moore, the continuing story of a married woman’s sexual awakening.
Jane’s trip to Vegas was a exhilarating walk on the wild side. But now things need to settle down. She’s going to go back to her job at the restaurant and things will get back to normal, okay?

Vegas is Sin City, not Black Rapids! She can’t let herself go down that path of insatiable lust! Where would it end? Sure, Tony at work is one hot stud. And her boss Carl might be pretty hot, but he’s old enough to be her father. Come on. Vegas was just a crazy side trip, that’s all. Once is enough.

But when Dean finds out about a Swingers Club just on the outskirts of town…
Oh boy.
…maybe just one more time then…?
The next episode of Jane’s adventures continues…

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$FREE on 11/20/2016 – Tricking my Best Friend’s Dad by Ivana Shaft

Untouched Brenda longs for the huge ripped guy who raised her best friend.
The ultra hot older man fills her fantasies day and night, making her yearn to be taken hard and unprotected for the first time, nurtured by his experience.
She tries to suppress her yearnings, but a desire for revenge when her best friend betrays her finally spurs her on to get what she’s been longing for!

The Author / Publisher advised that this title was available for $FREE (or local equivalent), discounted from $2.99 on 11/20/2016 at the following retailers:

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Banging Reaper

Two men. Only one can be the best in the ring.
Only one can make her completely his.


Life isn't easy when your mother abandons you and the grandmother who raised you is gone. Ethan has been my best friend since middle school. He helped me out with college when I was flat broke, and now I feel like I owe him. So when he starts treating me like his MMA lucky charm, it's hard to say no. But when he finally loses, he blames me—and Reaper, the guy who beat the crap out of him, is the one who rescues me.

I want to forgive Ethan … but I can't resist Reaper.


Yeah, they call me Reaper, because I make anyone who fights me wish he was dead. I'm large and in charge with a big house, two cars, and enough money to party for the rest of my days. Life is great—but meeting Avery changes everything. She's nothing like the ring girls I usually hook up with. There’s just something about her that brings out the protective beast inside me. She needs to be mine, but that cheating asshole Ethan is in the way.

I'll do whatever it takes to claim her … even if that means destroying her best friend.

Rae’s Reunion

Rae attends a private party after her high school reunion, and the occasion quickly turns into more than just drinks and conversation.

Group games abound as Rae is reunited with the boy who tutored her through history, and man, has he ever changed! He's still the reserved, caring instructor she remembers from twenty years ago, but history isn't the only thing he's good at, now.

Old, hidden feelings are reignited as his incredible prowess drives her to new heights of ecstasy, leaving her to realize he is still the guy from whom she can definitely learn a lot!

This story contains explicit sexual activity between consenting adults, and features taken hard-unprotected sex, anal/oral, role-playing, group sex, and voyeurism.

Fiona Takes On The Firefighters

“Have you ever had a fireman before? How about a whole brigade?”

Hunky, broad-shouldered, tight-ended firemen everywhere! Just one stupid little mistake and suddenly I have the whole department at my door, here to save me from a bag of burnt popcorn. It’s not a real fire, but it’s only right that I thank each and every one of them for going through the trouble. While it would be my first time, they deserve only the best for their fast response. I give them everything they want, hard and without protection.