$0.99 on 9/22/2019 – Possessive Professor by Kinley Cole

I know what I'm doing is wrong, but that isn't going to stop me. I want her. I need her, more than anything.

Remi Tanton turned my world upon its side the very moment she stepped foot into my classroom. I knew by the look in her doleful, hazel eyes that she needed saving and I'm determined to be the one who saves her. No matter how wrong it is, it feels right…


$0.99 on 9/22/2019 – Two Times the Mountain Men by Terry Towers

Writer's block. A critical deadline. A blizzard and a couple of dangerous escaped fugitives on the loose. What else could go wrong?

Try being forcibly removed from my rental cabin by a couple of mouth-droppingly sexy men from the ranger patrol, insisting it was for my own good. Own good my ass! I had work to do and they were seriously messing with my timeline. I could handle myself, thank you very much.

However, what I felt to be an outrageous violation of my rights seems to be turning into just what I may have needed when the three of us become snowed in and we only have each other to keep ourselves entertained, spiking the creative juices in me to an all-time high.

The problem is that our situation is only temporary, and they've been very clear they're not into the whole relationship thing. I just need to keep emotions out of it and use them for inspiration–sadly that's easier said than done…

$FREE on 9/22/2019 – Living With A Mistress: Parts 1-6 by Katt Ford

Living with a mistress isn't easy. But living with two is heaven…

Ben has had a crush on Melissa since high school. So when their parents marry and she and her mother move in with Ben and his father, the young man has a problem on his hands.

But things get more interesting when, during one of his father's many business trips, he discovers his new stepsister has a dominant side. Under the noses of their parents, the two carry out a secretive sexual affair charged with domination and submission.

Until one day, Melissa reveals the truth to her mother Robin. And Robin shows her stepson where her daughter got her dominant tendencies from…

Bundle contains:
1 – Dominated By His Step Sister
2 – Shocked By His Step Sister
3 – Exposed To His Step Mother
4 – Trained By His Step Mother
5 – Used By His Step Mother
6 – Taken By His Step Mother

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$FREE on 9/21/2019 – Captured Alien Sex Toy by X. Terrestre

Violet was having a glass of wine with her friend Katy when she was suddenly abducted and transported to a Military Motivational Facility on the planet Urrew. That's where hard-working soldiers get “bonuses” of an hour with a woman to do whatever they like. Since their population was 97% male, this was a rare and special treat. In the mission to win the long, brutal war on the far side of the galaxy, improving both morale and recruitment was crucial. These Military Mistresses were revered, and the long hours of constant sex was a strange new life, but their implants make them happy, peaceful, and incredibly orgasmic. Violet adjusts to her new career as a hot sex toy for alien soldiers (some of them with anatomy a bit different than humans), and discovers that she absolutely loves the attention, the adoration, and the constantly surprising sex!

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$0.99 on 9/21/2019 – So Wrong 22 by Cheri Verset

Jumping into the fray once again since it's so wrong and yet SO RIGHT! In this collection you'll find 10 FAMILY TABOO books by Cheri Verset.

Are you into daughters seducing their stepdad? Hot threesomes? Aunts and nephews? How about hunky stepbrothers with their little sisters or even grandma with her grandson? Maybe you want to read about rough stuff or more tender material?

Look no further! The stories are sizzling and feature a decidedly controversial kink.

$0.99 on 9/21/2019 – The Dairy Maid’s Vacation by Lacy Tate

This Dairy Maid’s tropical vacation is starting off with a thud—Kitty’s alone on an exotic island and the most important piece of her luggage didn’t make it off the plane. Without her pump, she has no way to relieve the pressure that’s been growing since she boarded. Her flight was long and she’s so full.

The plane’s captain insisted Kitty check her pump as baggage—it’s all his fault that duffel disappeared! When Captain Heath comes to investigate why she’s crying at the gate agent, he gallantly offers to help. Little does he know his assistance will bring a creamy surprise.

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$0.99 on 9/20/2019 – Milky Lust – A Bundle by Nadia Nightside

Big knockers. Sweater stretchers. Titillating jugs. Tig Ol’ Bitties. There’s a thousand names for our favorite part of a gorgeous babe’s hourglass bod, but they all come down to the same thing—sumptuous breasts that look good enough to fantasize about nonstop. That’s what the hot tales in this HUGE 20-story bundle are all about. Beautiful women with big, bouncing boobs in teensy tiny outfits, showing off for the Alpha Males in their lives (virile studs ready to pump their chosen girls full of hot, white, unprotected seed). And what’s even better than those extra-large high-beams on full display? Why, when these beauties are so completely fertile that her breasts overflow with creamy, delicious milk to show off what a perfectly rutting mate she is. In these stories, normal cuties get turned into divine goddesses of erotica (sometimes by choice…and sometimes not), and they always kneel down to serve the Real Men they were born to adore.

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$FREE on 9/20/2019 – One Way Out 1: Laura by Scarlett Skyes

Lauren should have stuck to the job description… instead she used Mr. Rawlings' house as a base of operations to use and sell a controlled substance.

Unfortunately for her, the nanny-cam caught everything and now that they've got the house all to themselves, it's time for this inexperienced brat to work her way out of this. With him, there's only one way out. It's going to be hard, unprotected and the cameras aren't going to miss any angle of this action either. What else will Laura have to do to keep her ever-growing secret? What if Mr. Rawlings wants Laura's help trapping the pure and innocent Valencia too?

$0.99 on 9/20/2019 – Trained By A Bigger Man: Married Man On Man – Book 1 by Steph Brothers

Blake has never been more in love with his wife, Celia. But for months now, he hasn’t been able to perform for her in bed.
Sensing her husband has needs she simply can’t meet, Celia makes a wild suggestion: that they bring in a third person to stoke the fires.
Shocked but intrigued, Blake agrees, but insists the third be male. A man who can fulfill the role he himself has been failing at. All while he watches on.
But when the big day arrives, Celia has plans of her own. And the tall, broad-shouldered and handsome man she brings in has only one target.
It won’t be pretty.
It won’t be gentle.
But it’ll be exactly what Blake needs.

$0.99 on 9/19/2019 – Unconventional – A Reverse Harem Romance by Krista Wolf

They were three ripped, gorgeous studs. Drawn together by a common goal, and a willingness to share absolutely everything… including me.

I never expected to end up in Scotland, renovating a castle of all things! But fate landed me here, just as it brought me two sizzling construction workers and a sexy, tattooed stonemason. Three fellow Americans hellbent on helping me keep the property from going back up for auction.

But something sinister has been showing up at night, out near the woods. And when outside forces start aligning against me, my three sexy saviors propose a very unorthodox, unconventional arrangement… involving the three of them, and me.

First Julian, broad-shouldered and gargantuan, deliciously tattooed and alpha beyond my wildest dreams. Noah, the Brooklyn-raised transplant, shredded and beautiful yet harboring a mysterious past. Finally, Chase – Green-eyed and gorgeous, with model good looks. The jawline of a Greek god, and a smile that would set off an explosion of butterflies in any girl's stomach.

Together we're an unstoppable team; an insatiable maelstrom of dripping hot chemistry, with me lost in a sea of rock-hard abs and rippling muscle.

But Castle Westgate also hides its own forbidden secret. One so incredible, that if finally revealed, it could intertwine all four of our lives forever…

UNCONVENTIONAL is a stand-alone reverse harem love story. HEA guaranteed!

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