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One of These Nights

A novella about erotic awakening in Tinseltown and the City of Angels, Hollywood & Los Angeles.

Provided an illicit taste of domination by her boyfriend’s father, one young woman has no idea what is around the corner and the world she willingly embraces.

An aspiring Actress, the audacious and playful, twenty-something Clara Owen has a penchant for knowing and meeting people while being in the right place, at the right time. But never did she imagine she would meet the man of her dreams, and her future Master, when serendipitously invited to a private Hollywood party on Halloween night.

Spanked by My Gyno Doctor 1: A Medical Humiliating First Time Menage

“Ms. Harris thinks it’s acceptable to climax on my fingers,” he said. “Perhaps a hard spanking will convince her otherwise.”

Jaime's never been to the gyno doctor. She panics thinking about anything medical. And she doesn’t want embarrassing confirmation of her total lack of experience. She refuses to go but her best friend Tina won't take no for an answer. Tina swears it's no big deal. She tells Jaime she'll go with her. She'll hold her hand if she tries to run. She'll hold her hair if she has to puke. Whatever it takes.

Jaime knows she should trust her. But when Dr. Malone’s demeanor turns severe, she fears humiliating punishment. Worse yet, she’s terrified she may end up liking it.

Bear With Me

Billionaire bear shifter Jackson Hammer is on the verge of losing it all. As his company's stocks plummet in a post-recession economy, Jackson's primal side fights to emerge. The more stress the concrete jungle breeds, the more urgent his bear's needs seem. In a last ditch effort to relieve stress, get his head on straight, and steer his company back in the right direction, Jackson takes a spontaneous trip to his late parents' cabin in the sanctity of Appalachia.

Curvy Carolina beauty Jessie Sloan lives in the small mountain town of Boone. With long days spent exploring along the Blue Ridge Parkway, Jessie has found true contentment in the mountain air. That contentment, however, breeds boredom and a need for adventure beyond what a simple mountain life can provide. So when a stranger from New York, dressed in designer clothes and wielding an air of mystery about him shows up in Boone just in time to rescue her from certain death, she can't help but be intrigued.

Can this fast blossoming love, supported by primal needs they never knew existed, meld two completely different worlds together?

The Tycoon’s Reluctant Bride

Lonely Megan finds her life even emptier when her best friend suddenly passes away.
The tragedy is soon followed by a bout of good luck, and not only does she end up winning a much-needed island getaway, she winds up seated in first class next to a gorgeous, blue-eyed hunk who, for some reason, is convinced she's destined to be his wife!

She banters with the hot stranger during the flight, with no intention of giving in to the way he makes her feel, determined to keep her heart shielded from further heartbreak.
But she soon finds out they are staying in the same hotel, and in no time, she learns that when this billionaire alpha male said he plans to keep her, he meant it!

But can the tycoon convince her they were made for each other?