Daily Archives: August 24, 2015

Bear Trapped

Ada Hastings isn't looking for love, just a peaceful vacation on the Coromandel Peninsula, away from the stress of deadlines and an editor who measures the value of writing talent in sexual favours. Coming across a bear bathing under a waterfall while hiking in remote bush, she wishes she’d packed an assault rifle instead of sunscreen.

Everyone knows bears don’t exist outside of zoos in New Zealand, so shit just got scary.

Ranger Sachs-Severin runs a successful hedge fund while being a hands-on member of Bear Force Special Ops, a group of shapeshifters combatting bear abuse worldwide. While unwinding from the stress of a Bear Force mission by having a shower under his favourite waterfall, he discovers a woman watching him from the track above. His morning has just improved immensely.

When the tall, curvy woman literally falls at his feet, Ranger discovers she’s the mate he didn't know he was looking for, and there’s enough chemistry between them to give a mad professor performance envy. However, a perfect day of sun, surf, and sex is shattered by one phone call, when Ranger is asked to break a promise that will mean losing Ada forever.

Outlaw Bear

Kailee Britten is a tall, full-figured, gorgeous, smart and successful woman that sets Jet's bear into a frenzy any time he looks at her. Everything about her screams mate to him, and he can tell part of her feels the same. However, she just moved to Bear Bluff's after a nasty divorce and is intent on rebuilding her life with a new direction.

But when he overhears a phone-call between her and her father, he realizes that the two of them have more in common than he could ever have imagined.

Bears Repeating

When her flight is cancelled and the only option is to accept a seat in coach, Jena's luck goes from bad to worse, and then back around to good again – she might have gotten a middle seat, but it's in between two BIG hunks of manliness.

Being snuggled between two big bears is pretty much the best outcome the trip could have. The worst? The plane going down in the wilderness. Guess which one Jena's gonna have to deal with?

With her and her two new bear friends lost in the wilderness, a relaxing flight turns into a desperate fight for survival. But at the end of the day, will just surviving be enough for the bears? With the way Matt and Jack look at her, touch her, hold her, Jena doesn't think so.

Jena thinks that when she lets her claws out, the gig is up – how could two bears like this want a wolverine shifter? But when she stumbles into trouble she never imagined, it seems her two hunks just might part of an industrial terror plot.

Forget the claws, forget the fur, can Jena survive THEM?