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Forbidden First Times: 6 Taboo Stories

Six taboo stories for one low price!

From the wicked pen of Missy Robbins, here are six scandalous stories of forbidden lust and taboo first times!

Six young women yearning to learn the ways of the flesh, and six strong men craving a taste of forbidden fruit. Their passions are taboo, but their desires are irresistible. When naughty young brats and naïve little princesses come up against the men of the house, the results are scorching hot!

While I sleep

Do you have a dark, secret fetish?

Aimee does…
Too afraid to tell anyone about them?…even your partner?

Amiee was…
But what if you were starting over because your partner cheated and you divorced?

Aimee is…
While I Sleep

Aimee is newly divorced and determined to make up for lost time. She's been married since she was fresh out of high school and now that her marriage is over, its time to explore her kinky side.

She's written a sexy bucket list of all the things she wants to try, and first off the bat she's going to cross two off the list at once. Sleep sex and sex with a stranger.


A woman on the rise…

Head chef Moneka Hart is finally opening her own restaurant. All is going well… except for having to deal with her stubborn, sexy-as-hell contractor Cole Saunders.

A man with a mission…

Cole's utterly frustrating, completely irresistible client is driving him crazy. He wants to show her exactly what she does to him – until they're both exhausted with pleasure.

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Why settle for one partner when you can have two or three?
The barely legal hot women and massively hot men in this bundle don’t settle.
Nothing is held back. New entanglements are explored. New positions are taken. Strangers, friends, texting buddies, all stretch their boundaries in this stimulating bundle.
Don’t be the one who misses out on reading this mega nine book collection of tempting seductive shorts!

Billionaires BDSM Club Book Three : Saffron

The Prism Club

A secret organisation ran by seven of the richest, most powerful men in the world.

To join the collective means wealth, success and influence for the rest of your life.

But the price of admission is total, complete submission to the seven billionaire's BDSM desires…

Billionaires BDSM Club is the story of Elizabeth's journey through the seven stages of admission. For each billionaire, she must give up her identity and become his personal plaything, submitting to his personal kinks until all seven are satisfied. Only then will she be able to access riches beyond her wildest dreams. But will she be able to endure the journey ahead?

Book Three : Saffron

Mr Yellow has a fetish for paid-for-sex, public humiliation and exhibitionism. Will he push Elizabeth too far?