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SARAH – The Boss’s New Secretary

After Sarah gets fired from her job she is forced to move in with friends but catches a break when Mr. Hawkins hires her as her personal secretary. He impresses her with his exquisite lifestyle, living like a billionaire, but then she makes a mistake and being the alpha male he is, he punishes her for it.

She finally gets closer to him at a party he is throwing for a friend at his estate. He shows her his style of affection, a totally new experience for her. She ends up getting spanked in an upstairs room that makes it possible for them to leave all boundaries behind and play..

Weekend With Mistress

A BDSM romance with a difference. An older woman in charge. A young man enthralled by her. Time away from the rest of the world.

Ben is visiting his older Mistress for a weekend together, with a little promise of possible release. Kathryn enjoys tease and denial almost as much as Ben enjoys being obedient.
In this four part story for those who enjoy the intimacy of femdom, Kathryn toys with Ben, testing his obedience in a warm but clear relationship.

Their story combines romance between two very different characters with a mutual enjoyment of developing fantasies together.

If you've fantasised about being controlled by a mature woman, or you find yourself contemplating taking the lead, their story provides a gentle journey of delight and pleasure.

Themes include chasity, tease and denial, thoughts on feminisation, mild sadism and a beautiful connection.

Possession: Dawnclaw Alphas #4 (A Bad Boy Paranormal Menage Romance)

All my life I’ve heard shifters are savage. Primal. They’re ruled by their instincts and take what they want.
Logan is no different.
He says I belong to him. He says he’ll have me whether I want it or not.
There’s only one problem.
I’ve just been mated to Logan’s twin brother. And he’s not giving me up without a fight.

Possession is the 4th book in the Dawnclaw Alphas Paranormal Romance Series, featuring Alpha Males, Bad Boys, Werebears, and lots of explicit menage romance. Some books may end in cliffhangers.

I Won’t Say No Tonight

The man of the house needs some intimate taboo loving and Lacey will do ANYTHING to provide it!

Lacey knows it's because of their recent separation that the MAN OF THE HOUSE is feeling blue. At first, her goal is to cheer him up but soon her fantasies bubble to the surface.

She remembers how INFLAMED she's always been thinking about him!

So on a hot summer night in his tiny trailer, she decides it's time to SEDUCE HIM…

Tied To You

A complete novel with a happy ending and no cliffhangers. Just $0.99 for a limited time.
He is so handsome and sweet that I can’t help being drawn to Mickey. After a lifetime of being the outcast with my stepfather and his children, I just want to be loved. He draws me in like a moth to a flame. He’s everything I want…until I wake tied to his bed and realize I’m an instrument of revenge. He has good reason to hate my stepfather, and he has wicked things planned for me…

This starts with a dark tone, but it soon lightens up. There are serious moments, but this isn’t a dark erotic romance, and there are no intense themes, such as kidnapping or coercion.