Daily Archives: November 9, 2015

Big Bear Problems

Ethan Grimpaw is not exactly looking for love, but when he lays his eyes on Jen, he knows she must be sent straight by fate. The Alpha of the local werebear clan, he has his hands full with more rivaling wolf drama than he can easily gnaw through, while all he wants is to have his hands on Jen. But he knows he has to play it smart… Not only for his own sake, but for Jen's as well.

Snaked on a Plane

There was no way Brandy could ever afford to fly first class, but someone made a last minute upgrade on her boarding pass. When Brandy gets to her seat, she finds the first class cabin is empty except for the drop-dead gorgeous man in a Brioni suit. Somehow, the mystery man knows exactly what she wants and gives it to her with the help of two hunky flight attendants.

Alien Warrior’s Mate

Deliya is one of the best of the best. An elite warrior, few things have ever phased her. She works hard and plays hard, all for the day when fates decide it's time for her to meet her fated mate. But what if there's one man in this blasted universe who just won't stop getting under her skin? What if she can't help but lust after him? Fates be damned, isn't that what's important?