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Seeding ERO-5

Taisia’s sex drive is out of control.

The shy botanist is many lightyears from home, serving on the most ambitious terraforming project ever undertaken by humanity. But she’s helpless to resist her flaming desires and fears the project may fail.

Rob is the ERO-5 team leader. Recently divorced, he works hard and plays harder. He’s long had his eye on his team’s quiet botanist.

They knew the work on the sterile planet would be backbreaking, but they didn’t expect the collective libido of the team to shoot into the stratosphere. Every night their lust takes over, testing the limits of their self-control.

And perhaps ERO-5 isn’t as barren as they’d thought.

Taisia is the key to keeping the project on track and discovering the secrets of the intense pleasure on ERO-5.

Disclaimer: Seeding ERO-5 contains explicit sex, polyamorous sex, lesbian and gay sex, gonzo sex, and sexy tentacles.

Porked by the Police

Hayley wasn’t speeding or breaking any other laws, so why is she in trouble with the police? The officer who pulled her over has her cuffed to the rails in an empty backwoods police station. When the Sheriff and Deputy show up, Hayley realizes she’s in the middle of a pork sandwich she’ll never forget.

Christmas Stockings Taboo

George loves a woman in pantyhose, especially his brat Melissa.

On Christmas night, Melissa decides it's time to give the MAN OF THE HOUSE a special gift. She joins him by the fireplace wearing stiletto heels and black stockings. What she wants is to indulge his TABOO fantasy…

* This story is so wild that I can't go into details here. Check out the sample for the full juicy description! *

The Well-Endowed Billionaires Club

If she can make it through the night without screaming for them to stop she gets one million dollars. If not… she gets nothing.

Inexperienced brat Melissa Verity has got problems. The bank is about to foreclose on the house she grew up in, somebody close to her has got medical bills they can't pay, and to top it all off, she's just lost her scholarship. That's when she's given the chance of a lifetime.

One million dollars for one night. All she has to do is submit herself completely and utterly to be ravished bareback by seven anonymous men whose bank accounts aren't the only things that are huge.

She has all the motivation she could possibly need… but will that be enough to withstand everything the Well-Endowed Billionaires Club can unleash on her?