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Nurse Jessica

Against the wish of her parents, Jessica Sinclair manages to get herself through nursing school by dancing at a strip club. She is torn between Jeremy, a firefighter who she gets into crazy and exciting adventures with and Neil, a hard on the outside, soft on the inside, more grounded and mature cop.

When a new Doctor arrives on her station she finds out that she is drawn to him although he appears to be just as cocky and arrogant as his colleagues. One evening she is called into her boss' office and works on patients charts with him and Doctor Jameson who makes her..

Watching My Doctor Husband with Younger Women (Complete Series Boxed Set)

Nurse Rebecca's been fantasizing about watching her husband with other women ever since she saw him perform medical exams on his patients. After dinner one night, Rebecca decides to open up about her cuckquean fantasy to her husband. The doctor was shocked to hear of his wife's confession. Nonetheless, he's willing to help make her fantasy come true so long as Rebecca's willing to put up with some humiliation. Read along as the couple seduces an untouched patient, a younger nurse, and a brat from their neighborhood. Find out whether the younger women are willing to endure spanking and more from Rebecca's husband.

This steamy bundle includes the individual titles Watching My Husband Seduce His Patient, Watching My Doctor Husband with the Younger Nurse, and Watching My Doctor Husband with the Brat Next Door.

Bearly Forever (BBW/Bearshifter Romance)

Isadora Montrose invites you to enjoy a sexy romp with bearshifter Asher Bascom and his curvaceous, fated mate Julia Parker.

Virile, muscular Ash met BBW Julia in college and wooed and won her. It all fell apart when she saw him take bear.

Hot-blooded Ash went home to Yakima Ridge to lick his wounds and live a lovesick bachelor without his one true love. Passionate Julia found herself celibate and stuck comparing other men to big alpha male Asher. Six years down the road she’s still hasn’t found a man better than her burly bear.

Now some creep is terrorizing delectable Julia and Ash needs to keep his mate safe. Julia finds the sparks still fly when Ash kisses her. She decides to scratch her six year itch. What could go wrong when you tantalize an amorous, love-starved bearshifter?

Fair warning: Bold and sultry beauty seduces innocent shifter with exotic erotic techniques.

Bearly Forever is the fourth book in the Bachelor Bears of Yakima Ridge series. It is a standalone novella with an HEA and no cliffhangers.