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$0.99 on 8/6/2016 – Strayed Seductions Skilled Landlord by Mae Lynch

Emma’s a sizzling author craving inspiration for her latest taboo novel. Her husband’s too vanilla to give her the rough ride she’s desperate for.
In walks Hugh, the skilled landlord. He punishes her curious behavior with his dominating big stick. That’s not all. He painfully marches right in her backdoor for a first time experience she’ll feel for days.
Readers, this erotic short happens between adults who participate in rough sex. All involved are consenting, but events such as pleasurable pain, spanking, painful back door entry, and harsh language are included in this sexually explicit affair.
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$0.99 on 8/6/2016 – His First Time Gay – The Gym Rat 3 Book Bundle by Andrew Burns

Mark lives in the basement of his long time girlfriend Sarah's family home. When not trying to sneak some alone time in with Sarah, he spends most of his time at university or working part time at the local gym. Mark has always considered himself straight as an arrow, but finds unfamiliar feelings stir within when a new member, Brandon, starts at the gym. Mark can't seem to keep his eyes off of the tall, fit blond with piercing blue eyes.

$0.99 on 8/6/2016 – Disgraced by Nessa Connor

A determined woman…
Toni Dubois has been shouldering adult responsibilities since her mother got sick when she was fifteen. She's raising her younger sister, providing a stable home life on a server's income. Sexy biker Luc St. Pierre may intrigue her, but she's wary of men after being harassed by a creepy regular at the club.

A disgraced man…
Luc was wrongly accused of a crime in the Marines and dishonorably discharged. Disowned by his family, he's been taken in b the Chosen Few MC for his elite hacking skills. He's smitten with Toni, so much so that he's willing to take it slow to earn her trust.

A shadowy threat…
When Toni publicly humiliates the guy who's been hassling her, he tries to ruin her life, and only Luc can help. Can he and his outlaw brothers undo the damage that's been done and teach Toni's obsessed stalker a lesson in revenge he won't forget? And will Toni finally accept that Luc is the man for her?

***This is a steamy standalone novel with an HEA, no cliffhangers and no cheating.***

$0.99 on 8/6/2016 – His to Take by Minx Hardbringer

“My body is his inspiration; my heart is his to take.”

Alex Miller is the kind of man that could save me. To him, all my debts are nothing – he could wipe them all blank in the blink of an eye.
The billionaire makes an indecent proposal, and before I have time to think about it, I'm already in trouble…

Alex's passion is erotic photography, and he's chosen me as his newest muse. I never expected feelings to follow suit.
Now, we have to stop our parents from finding out, or suffer the consequences – and they won't be pretty.

His to Take is a billionaire romance with light BDSM.
No cliffhanger, no cheating and a happy ending.

$0.99 on 8/6/2016 – On a Red Horse by Monica Corwin

Scarlet needs a new job, but Horseman of the Apocalypse doesn’t sound good on a resume. Three years ago she followed her companions to Earth in an effort to live human lives. But the moment she left her husband Tyr she knew life wouldn’t be worth living. Lonely and longing for her husband, Scarlet is on a path of destruction that could endanger all the riders.

$FREE on 8/6/2016 – Welcome to the Neighborhood by Alyssa Goodman

19-year-old Vicki Barnes is home for Spring Break but she's all alone in her parent's big home – they've gone touring and won't be back for months. Boredom has well and truly set in… that is, until she sees the new neighbors moving in across the road. They're a beautiful couple in their late thirties or early forties, and Vicki is intrigued, not to mention turned on, when they share an X-rated kiss, right there in the driveway before rushing inside like two sex crazed teens.

The guy is smoking hot, so hot that she barely noticed the woman. The woman soon notices Vicki though, and when her husband goes to New York on a three day business trip, soon sets about making fast friends with the sexy young girl. Vicki doesn't know it yet, but her summer is about to get unbearably hot…

Don't miss this fantastic debut by new author Alyssa Goodman. This is a steamy standalone novella with no pesky cliffhangers.