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$FREE on 6/22/2020 – Hard and Rough Fantasies – A Bundle by Nadia Nightside

Twenty tantalizing tales! Nothing’s better than hot, fertile, rough sex. The kind that makes you ache, that makes your knees weak when you think about it, that marks on your skin for days—and marks your soul forever. The rough stuff always makes us the hottest—whether it’s a hand just too tight on the throat, a thrilling bite or bruise, or the kind of spanking that you never forget. In these unforgettably, unforgivably hot tales, fertile babes take their lover’s hot white seed—sometimes from men they’ve known their whole lives—and drop down to their knees to serve forever. The virile, alpha male hunks featured here know that “no” means “yes,” and they always take what they want—no exceptions.

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