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$FREE on 9/22/2021 – Fertile Dreams – A Bundle by Nadia Nightside

“I need to be knocked up. It’s all I’ve ever wanted…for you to get me pregnant.”
We can dance around it all we want, but all of us exist just for one reason—delicious, delightful, heated procreation. We’re all servants to biology, and we all must give in to our most base urges—even if those urges mean using no protection whatsoever and enjoying raw, hot ruts of passion at the drop of a hat. When you read a Nadia Nightside story, you can bet on enjoying hugely-hung marble-bodied alpha males having their way with their women of choice…all of whom are deliciously busty, fertile, and needy. Whether there’s some form of magic involved, or simply overwhelming lust, every character in these stories needs to produce heirs. And of course, the women all know their proper place adoring the men who gift them with their seed…

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