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$FREE on 1/10/2022 – Only For Him by Lauren Milson

My dad’s best friend is a big, rough, tattooed Brooklynite who has no business putting a hand on me. He’s twice my age. It’s so wrong. But that won’t stop him. What might? The diamond ring on my finger…

When I broke things off with my fiancé, he begged me not to expose him for the cheating loser he is.
I agreed – as long as I could keep the engagement ring for the holidays.
My dad is the world to me, and I know telling him the truth would crush him.
But then I meet Jason – a big, tough Brooklynite. Faded tattoos over rippling muscle. A withering stare and fierce emerald eyes.
I’ve never met anyone like him before.
He doesn’t fall all over himself to impress me.
He’s cold, he’s distant, but I see the way he’s sneaking glances at me.
It makes me hot all over. It makes me feel something new blooming inside me.
I want him. I need him.
Now I just have to convince him that I’m no one else’s.
That I’m only for him.
And once I do?
This obsessed, possessive older man tells me he’ll show me exactly what it means to be his.

Come along for a wild sleigh ride through this over-the-top insta-love holiday romance as Jason and Madelyn make their crazy journey to a very happy HEA.

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