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$FREE on 5/9/2022 – Mesmerizing Dreams – A Bundle by Nadia Nightside

“Yes, Sir. I obey You and only You, forever. Anything You say…”
Romance is all well and good, but sometimes we just want the easy way out. No mess, no fuss, just fantastically thrilling, lusty, erotically-fueled trysts where all the effort and frustration of a real relationship can be put to one side. These TWENTY stories collect your dirtiest, guiltiest desires and let you indulge easily. Women are willing, aching, and needy. Men are hard, ready, and unstoppable. There’s no moral quandaries, no bumps in the road that can’t be zapped with a magic ray or special spell (or lusty virus, or transforming clothes, etc…) to change their silly, giggly, girly brains for the better. If you want sexy stories where reality takes a break, where the babes are fertile and dripping, and the men are all-powerful hunks who don’t take “no” for an answer, and where special devices change bodies and minds forever, this is the bundle for you.

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