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$FREE on 11/22/2022 – Sharing Her Intimately: Trapped in the Ski Resort Cable Car by Coxy Faireoir

Kim finds herself trapped with her husband, Jack, in a cable-suspended luxury gondola with Rand, a tall, handsome African American man, and his voluptuous Native American wife, Celine. The cable on the parallel tram has broken. The rocky mountainside is over 300 meters below. Every so often the car shakes and the cable creaks. The tram company opens a panel allowing them access to champagne. Kim quickly drinks enough to let her inhibitions fall. She has always secretly wanted to make love to a well-endowed Black man. With possible death imminent, Kim, to her husband's surprise, asks Celine if she'd mind if Rand showed her his penis. Celine's answer surprises Jack even more, as does his reaction to it. Will the foursome facing death give up all their inhibitions and make the most of what time they may have left?

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