Shameless Book Deals is a website that shamelessly brings you the very best erotica at the best prices from the best authors.

The main point of difference with Shameless Book Deals is that, while we cater to all walks of life within the field of erotica, we know that the sub-genres of erotica are vastly different compared to the sub-genres of many other kinds of books. When you want to read erotica, especially short erotica, you want something that hits the exact spot you want it to hit and any old story under the giant umbrella of “erotica” simply won't do the job.

Our goal is to let you know about promotional pricing on the erotica that you want to read.

Our recommendations are selected not on quality alone, although that is essential. We delve deeper and separate them based on the sub-genres, or kinks if you prefer, that are popular with real readers like you. Unlike many other promotional sites, or retailers for that matter, we are shameless enough to accept that people want to read an incredible diversity of topics. We embrace that diversity.

That's why, although there is plenty of it there, you won't see a “Pseudo-Incest” category on Amazon. Same goes for “Rough Sex”, “Dubious Consent” and a plethora of other erotica sub-genres that accurately reflect the kind of stories that are wildly popular with readers. Fair enough, Amazon has a particular kind of image to uphold.

Shameless Book Deals was set up by Scarlett Skyes, a #1 erotica author with a very different kind of image. Scarlett has years of experience writing and selling erotica, numerous contacts within the erotica-writing community and has an eye for quality erotica. It seemed that nobody had attempted to serve erotica readers and erotica writers in quite this way in the past, and so Shameless Book Deals was born.