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Please make sure you have read our newsletter submission guidelines before submitting your request, especially the first time, so you are aware of our requirements and procedures.

  • If multiple authors, enter them as a comma-separated list.

  • Stick with the blurb here, not promotional information such as "$0.99 for a Limited Time!", for example.

  • Note: An actual discount, not "FREE" in Kindle unlimited but actually $2.99, for example.

  • Dimensions: 200x300 preferred, no bigger than 600x960 and 500kb
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.

  • Just story keywords here, no need to enter deal or pen name details. Please separate your keywords with commas

  • If your promo is available in the store too, please re-enter the ASIN.

  • Select one date, multiple dates, a range of dates, or multiple ranges, it’s up to you! You can even request days that are showing fully/partially booked and you may still get that date if somebody else pulls out (for example). You could also try to promote your book under a different sub-genre, if it legitimately fits, to see how that affects the availability.

  • e.g. if you've selected a range of dates but have a preferred date, if you think your book might also fit into any other category, or any other information you'd like us to know about your promotion.

    If so, a 15% GST charge will be added to your invoice.
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