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September 29 2019: There have been some issues at Shameless Book Deals that have left us unable to accept new promotions for a week+.  I have just attempted a stop-gap fix that should allow the booking form to work again, but it may stop working again at any moment.  Please bear with me as I play messenger between the various technical support teams helping me with this. – Scarlett

October 20 2019: Migrating sites to new webhost, so disabling the promotion request form until hopefully no later than October 25th.

October 25 2019: Shameless Book Deals is on the new host. We are currently testing everything to find the inevitable glitches.

October 26 2019: Remaining glitches appear to be waiting for the new security certificate to be associated with the site and still incorrect information being shown on promotion confirmation pages (although the correct information still makes it to our back end and invoicing occurs correctly).  With each breath we shall hunt them down.

October 27 2019: Security Certificate sorted… still working on the wrong book information showing up on the promotion confirmation pages.

January 13 2020: OMFG… we might have squashed the last bugs.  I've done a quick test and it appears so, but will let it run for a little while before organising the parade.  I'll invite you all to be part of the celebrations if we're running at 100% again!

  • If multiple authors, enter them as a comma-separated list.

  • Stick with the blurb here, not promotional information such as "$0.99 for a Limited Time!", for example.

  • Note: An actual discount, not "FREE" in Kindle unlimited but actually $2.99, for example.

  • Dimensions: 200x300 preferred, no bigger than 600x960 and 500kb

  • Just story keywords here, no need to enter deal or pen name details. Please separate your keywords with commas

  • If your promo is available in the store too, please re-enter the ASIN.

  • Select one date, multiple dates, a range of dates, or multiple ranges, it’s up to you! You can even request days that are showing fully/partially booked and you may still get that date if somebody else pulls out (for example). You could also try to promote your book under a different sub-genre, if it legitimately fits, to see how that affects the availability.

  • e.g. if you've selected a range of dates but have a preferred date, if you think your book might also fit into any other category, or any other information you'd like us to know about your promotion.

    If so, a 15% GST charge will be added to your invoice.
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