Newsletter Submission Guidelines

What do you accept for promotion?
As a rough guideline, we accept all themes and sub-genres of erotica that are eligible for publication on Amazon. If it can go on Amazon, we can promote it.

We will not accept any works depicting the following themes, even if you somehow managed to get them on Amazon:

  • Bestiality (werewolves, shifters, etc are fine)
  • Snuff (zombies would be fine)
  • Rape (dubious consent would be fine)
  • Scatophilia
  • Pedophilia
  • Incest (Pseudo-Incest is fine, i.e. step-relatives, adopted relatives)

What are the rules on pricing?
All books must be priced at:

  • Newly/temporarily discounted to free
  • Newly/temporarily discounted to $0.99
  • Newly/temporarily discounted to at least $2.99

Note that only bundles of multiple short erotica works, or full-length works of 40k+ words, will be accepted over $0.99, but your book would probably have to be pretty spectacular in those cases. Promotions for books over $0.99 are probably going to be pretty rare. Promotions cannot be accepted for works over $2.99.

By “Newly/Temporarily discounted” we mean that your promotion must represent a good, special, deal for our subscribers. Books that have been free for a prolonged period then advertised as free, or are regularly priced at 99 cents then advertised at 99 cents are not really “deals”. We are happy to promote books that have newly (less than 3 weeks) gone “permafree” or have just (less than 3 weeks) been discounted to 99 cents.

Your promotional pricing must remain in place for the day of your requested promotion and the following day to give all subscribers a fair chance to receive and look at the newsletter. We tend to check pricing around 12-2am PST on the day of your promotion. If your pricing isn't in place in time there may be no refunds given.

Your book must not be offered at a better price within the next week after running with Shameless Book Deals.

Generally speaking, only one free book will be promoted per newsletter. However, if you are prepared to grovel, I am prepared to listen and will accept more than 1 free promotion per newsletter on a case by case basis. Occasionally.

What retailers can you help direct customers to?
You can provide information for your promotion at the following retailers:

  • Barnes & Noble
  • Kobo
  • Apple
  • Google Play
  • Smashwords

Your book must be *available* at all the retailers you provide details for at the time of your promotion, so not on pre-order or still being reviewed.

Can I promote any old garbage?
No! This service is for quality erotica only. Many factors will be taken into account when considering your request, such as the quality of your cover and blurb, any customer reviews your book may have, the overall quality of your back catalogue, whether the specific cocktail of sub-genres and themes present in your book is a good fit for our subscribers, what other books are already scheduled for your requested date, how past promotions of your works have performed, etc. Shameless Book Deals reserves the right to accept, deny, or cancel any promotion at any time for any reason.

How often can I promote with you?
Authors can promote the work of any one pen name once per week, i.e. if accepted for a promotion on a Friday, that pen name will not be accepted for another promotion until the following Friday. This doesn't restrain authors from promoting different pen names closer than 1 week apart. We will not accept the same work closer than 30 days apart.

Other miscellaneous information:

  • By filling out the submission form and submitting your book to us for promotion, you state that you hold the rights to request promotion and agree to give Shameless Book Deals permission to display your book cover art and blurb on our promotional channels, including newsletters, the website and social media outlets.
  • We will not accept promotion requests more than 60 days in advance.
  • If you attempt to promote a book with us that is blatantly miscategorized, such as a cook book or self-help book, the fee charged will be considered an administration/consideration fee.
  • Remember, Shameless Book Deals reserves the right to accept, deny, or cancel any promotion at any time for any reason.