Erotica Sub-Genres: A Brief Summary

Making sweet love to the heroine's asshole.

Barely Legal/Virgin
These girls may be naïve, but their bodies will never be more perfect, toned and youthful. They're ready for sex…just.

A heroine with curves.

Anything from a simple dominant and submissive relationship dynamic to full on whips and chains.

Most erotica is bareback, but these stories emphasise the risk/thrill of the heroine getting pregnant.

The heroine's partner can't satisfy her as much as this other stud, he should watch and take notes.

Dubious Consent
James Bond sex… at first she doesn't want it but then she does. The heroine is reluctant for any combination of a million different reasons, but she ends up loving it.

Erotic Romance
The characters have… feelings? Well, OK then, whatever. Longer works normally found in this sub-genre, happy endings of the emotional kind. Romance with the heat turned up to an explicit 1 million.

The characters in these genres like to watch and/or be watched.

Only 2 people having sex at once can be a bit vanilla, so stories that discus the logistics of 3 to infinity people having sex at the same time go here.

Gay (m/m)
Sex without pesky vaginas getting in the way. Male on Male loving.

Anything non-contemporary and set in the past. Victorian is the most typical.

Woman is black, man is white? Inter-racial. Woman is white, man is Asian? Inter-racial. Etc.

Erotic breast milk stories.

Chicks before dicks. Woman on woman loving.

Doctors, speculums, up close and personal examinations.

Paranormal: Other
Sci-fi and Fantasy themes. Vampires, fairies, magic, monsters, aliens.

Paranormal: Shifters
If they can change shape between animal and human forms, they go here. Werewolves, werebears, lion shifters, shape changing dragons and the like.

Step-relatives, adopted relations, in-laws, hits the taboo and forbidden themes.

Rough Sex
Slapping, choking, spanking, dirty talk, super-hard body-shaking fucking.

Whether blurring the line between masculine and feminine, or making the transition from female to male, or vice versa, they are ready for some fun!

Ride 'em, cowpoke. Cowboys and stories set in the old west.