$0.99 on 7/23/2021 – Daisy by Kerry Killeen

When six women on their way to a work Christmas party see a man lying in a field of snow, of course they stop to help him. He is dressed in a Santa costume, which is reasonable. He insists that he really is Santa, which is not.

They assume he has a mental illness, and take him to the hospital so someone can care for him. On the way, he asks each of them what they would like for Christmas. The ladies think it is a harmless game, so they ask for fun things. Little do they know…

Santa visits each of the women later that night, to find out what they really want. And in a shocking plot twist, they all want some variety of hot sex!

Daisy has been married for many years. She and Warren still love each other, but they’ve gotten a bit stale. So when she finds herself dreaming of a meal in a fabulous restaurant, the two of them connecting beautifully, it’s like the best Christmas present ever.

But then Warren whispers something to her. What! He wants to put it where?

But she remembers that they’ve talked about it. They’ve experimented. And she has enjoyed it. “Let’s get the check,” she says.

What will happen when Warren and Daisy get home? Will they go all the way? Will Daisy experience the joys of the back door?

Secret Santa is a new series. Why not give yourself a present?

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