$0.99 on 7/28/2019 – Spicy Butt Nice by Kerry Killeen

Curious about the back door? You’re in the right place.
In this collection of stories from the Spicy Snacks series, you’ll find women who are keen to explore alternatives to the traditional, and men who are only too happy to help them!

Does My Bum Look Big In This?
Sally has a problem with her new trousers. She thinks they make her bum look big. Simon agrees, so he suggests that she take them off. And he has that look in his eye. The one which says he loves her big bum, and would be thrilled to prove just how much he loves it. What could possibly happen next?

Race To The Bottom
It was a race. A two-person race, but it was still important. Because the winner got the power of command, to command the loser to do whatever they wanted. And after half an hour of watching her tight butt wriggle as she ran in front of me, I knew exactly what I would command. But first I had to win!

Accident Prone
Some accidents are a good thing!
Sasha carefully packs her bag for her trip to the pool house. Towel, sunscreen, book, glasses. But when she gets down there and empties it in front of her handsome pool boy, what’s this? A butt plug and a bottle of lube have accidentally fallen into her bag! Oh dear. And then Mike accidentally spills a whole lot of lube onto the plug! What to do?
Well, wouldn’t want to waste it…

The CFM Trousers
Wendy’s husband is away fishing, and she’s having a girls’ night. One of her friends admires her trousers, so she tells them that Mark calls them her CFM trousers. Of course, they want to know more. Wendy explains that Mark loves these trousers because they show off her ass, and Mark loves her ass. The girls are intrigued, and Wendy explains, in more and more explicit detail, just how much Mark loves her ass! How do the girls react? And what happens when the husbands come home!

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