$FREE on 12/22/2019 – Race To The Bottom by Kerry Killeen

It was a race. A two-person race, but it was still important. Because the winner got the power of command, they got to command the loser to do whatever they wanted. And after half an hour of watching her tight butt wriggle as she ran in front of me, I knew exactly what I would command. But first I had to win!

Does Matt win the race? What will he command if he does? Can he claim the bottom prize? Buy now to find out.

Spicy snacks are hot and fast. They’re for the people who skip long lead-ups to get to the steamy bits. No skipping here, it’s straight into the action. The perfect quickie for when you haven’t much time.

Race To The Bottom is the seventh in a series of stand-alone short stories by hot new erotica author Kerry Killeen. They can be read in any order, so buy now to find out what happens!

The Author / Publisher advised that this title was available for $FREE (or local equivalent), discounted from $2.99 on 12/22/2019 at the following retailers. These links may use our affiliate tag with Amazon and other retailers and as such may earn us commissions on qualifying purchases.

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