$FREE on 1/15/2022 – Broken in by the Bikers: Shared and Used by Willa Pope

This is my first time and they've promised to break me in. I'm down on all fours, surrounded by this group of men. Older men, outlaws in leather, who only want one thing.

Me. Raw and unprotected. And they won't be gentle.

I'll spread myself for this group of crass bikers. I'll moan please and thank you while they fill me. I may be a sheltered, inexperienced, eighteen-year-old farm girl, but I'm not a quitter. No matter how they use me, humiliate me, or share me, I'm not backing down.

I walked into this club looking for a job. I'm desperate to make some money. And I'm not leaving until they tell me I'm their newest hire. No matter what it takes.

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