$FREE on 1/6/2022 – Corrupted by The Biker Gang by Summer Stone

I’m a math whiz, and the Scripts, a biker gang, could use my help in handling their finances.
I want to join the gang, and let the gang use me … for my brains and my body.
The leader of the Scripts, Joel, agrees to let me join his gang on one condition: I need to pass the initiation.
I so badly want to join his gang, and make him proud of me, but I’m scared.
The leader of the Scripts will ask me to do things I’ve never done before.

Tonight, during the first stage of my initiation, he will watch me get used by two of his biker friends.
I’ll have to take it from these rough, older, aggressive bikers.
They’ll break me in, corrupt me, and steal my innocence.
I’ll be shared, used and treated like their plaything.
And I’ll love every second of it.

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