$FREE on 10/14/2018 – Harper’s Unexpected First Time by Alexa Banger

Harper Layne is a young actress tasked with filming her first sex scene, and it happens to be with the hottest man in Hollywood, James Grant. His many years of experience and playboy reputation only add to his appeal. But they also make her nervous.

What if she’s not good enough?

Her fears are put to rest the moment they get into bed together. It all feels so natural, her body responding to his every touch, that she doesn’t have to act at all.

But then James surprises her by making things a little more realistic. They're no longer simulating the scene, he's taking her for real—right in front of the director and everyone else on set!

James is in for a surprise too though because Harper's never done this before. She's just as innocent as the character she's portraying!

With that realization, he becomes determined to claim her, through whatever means necessary. And what better way than getting her pregnant?

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