$FREE on 9/16/2020 – Bimbo Bliss 3 by Jen Eastwood

“And don’t worry, Gideon. She’s still intact.”

The second ‘client' is waiting. And Audrey Phan is more than just another hot, young thing looking for direction in her life. She doesn't even know how to cut loose and enjoy life beyond her career.

Which turns out to be a blessing in disguise for Gideon. After thirty notches on his belt, she's not just a fantasy he hadn't checked off his bucket list. Audrey herself is unexplored territory, and ripe for the taking after Gideon shows her to get over her upbringing. With the help of his assistants, it won't be the awkward first time you'd expect, either.

But turning her from a pure killjoy, into a ready and willing, yet unspoiled bimbo will take a higher toll on Gideon than he thinks. In fact, he may change we he wants for himself, despite knowing the truth, deep-down in his soul.

“No way. Audrey’s too hot for that to be true.”

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