$FREE on 3/22/2020 – Bimbo Genie: Fertile Wishes by Nadia Nightside

Zanthia’s a sexy airhead genie obsessed with making men happy in EVERY erotic way, and has endless power to change reality to make her owner happy. The only problem? She’s forbidden to touch him. Xavier is the latest in a string of owners to find out how far Zanthia will go to make him happy. She helps bring his fertile, gorgeous crush to her knees…and then the busty hottie from her household, too. She transforms him from average joe into a hulking, sculpted GodStud who makes women cream just from proximity. The sexy neighbor downstairs becomes kneeling, drooling property as her body and mind are transformed to his liking. Soon, all the fertile babes will moan his name and beg for his virile seed while leaking from beautiful overflowing cups, just like he deserves. Bimbo genie Zanthia makes every part of his life sweet and full of nonstop, erotic action.
And to take full advantage? All he has to do is say those magic words…“I wish…”

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