$FREE on 5/28/2021 – Bimbo Pill – The Bundle by Nadia Nightside

I shouldn't be in love with my boss. And I definitely shouldn't be obsessed with his thick, huge member to the point where I want to steal him away from his wife. And I definitely shouldn't be so obsessed with pleasing him that I'm willing to transform his wife into a brainless, drooling, servile, fertile, beautiful baby-hungry bimbo who needs to have sex constantly.
But you don't get to choose who you love, and you don't get to choose how love takes a hold of you. I can't help it if I'm a super-hot, mega-sexy never-had-a-first-time mad scientist…but I can make a bimbo pill to turn this whole isolated facility into the gorgeous, fertile, kneeling, obedient harem for the man of my dreams if I have to! I’ll transform his wife, his employees, everyone. I don’t care if he’s an evil mind controller and I’m being manipulated, and if he’s got some insane plan to take over the world and subjugate everyone to his will—I just want to make out with his thick, turgid member all day long.

This ultra-hot bundle features completely unrealistic depictions of bimbofication, transformation, erotic sex between multiple partners, and a babe with a crush so big she's got to do mad science about it.

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