$FREE on 6/30/2021 – Naughty Cravings – A Bundle by Nadia Nightside

“It’s so bad…but it feels so good!”
Irresistible! The need to just try the fantastically devilish delights that Nadia Nightside stories offer. Transformations, wicked methods of control, warped minds, and nonstop rutting—that’s what Nadia Nightside stories are all about. If you’ve just become a fan of her writing or this genre, that’s what this bundle is for! Nadia Nightside has more than a HUNDRED stories and it’s easy to get lost in choice paralysis. With this handy bundle, you can get a taste of TWENTY stories from more than a DOZEN series and see what direction your lusty desires pull you in. A full reverie of sinful pleasures offered up without consequence or judgment. Musclebound hunks screw whatever buxom babe they want, transforming them into gorgeous, drooling, sopping-wet messes; and, those hot bimbos? They love every second of it. Being filled to the brim with white hot, virile seed and producing heirs for their Man is what the fertile goddesses in these stories are all about—even if it’s their first time.

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