$0.99 on 3/10/2018 – The Accidental Harem: A Reverse Harem Novella by Sadie Somerton

My husband knows me so well.
He knows what's in my head. My fantasies. The desires most people would never share.
And somehow we've reached the point where some of those fantasies come true.
You see… I have lovers. Not just a lover. Lovers.
And my husband knows all about them.

Martha likes to explore. She likes to try new things… new people. Martha has taken not just one lover, but several – all with not only her husband's approval, but his encouragement. Does that make her a hotwife? Is this collection of occasional lovers some kind of harem? A reverse harem?

And once you've opened your relationship to such wild and new possibilities – to lovers – then what's next?

This is the account of one long weekend in Martha's life – the weekend her husband realizes he might finally end up losing her to these fantasies.

The Accidental Harem: a steamy and explicit romantic novella about a couple's efforts to explore their desires, and a series of encounters that might just spell the end for them, from the author of Swingers' Party, The Other Couple, and Private Dancer.

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