$0.99 on 5/16/2019 – The Complete “Cuckolded in Couples Counseling” Series: Happy Wife, Happy Life by Raven Merlot

Unorthodox psychologist Dr. Wayne has the perfect solution for marital problems: cuckold therapy!

Julie and Trey come to fix their marriage after an ugly incident in which Trey’s infidelity is discovered. Julie feels unattractive, neglected and betrayed after ten years of marriage and two children. Dr. Wayne says “Freudian” theory suggests she needs to cheat on Trey and get the revenge sex her ego/id craves.

Even better (or worse), he says Trey should be forced to watch the affair happen as penance for his cheating. Trey is a patient and guilt-ridden man…but how much can he take? After grudgingly cooperating the first time, he soon discovers Julie’s appetite for cucking him is only growing. Soon, her lust for breaking all taboos spirals out of control and Trey is reduced to becoming a cuck slave for his once innocent wife.

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