$0.99 on 6/6/2018 – The Accidental Hotwife: Four Reverse Harem Novellas by Sadie Somerton

The Accidental Hotwife: four steamy and explicit contemporary romantic novellas exploring the entangled lives and loves of two women and the five men in their lives… A reverse harem series like no other!

The four novellas in this set are:

The Accidental Date
How far would you go to please your partner? When a complete stranger sits down at your table… when you see the chemistry between him and your wife… when things start to get out of hand. Long ago you vowed to give your wife everything you can to make her happy, but what do you do when you realize she wants more?

The Accidental Sleepover
Sleeping over at a friend's house, everything is fine until Harry Novak wakes with hands on him that do not belong to his wife… Those hands. That touch. It's Martha, their hostess. He should stop her. He can't let her keep doing that thing she's doing – yet how could he ever want her to stop? The story of two couples, and one very steamy night.

The Accidental Harem
Martha's husband knows her so well. He knows what's in her head. Her fantasies. The desires most people would never share. And somehow they've reached the point where some of those fantasies come true. You see… Martha has lovers. Not just a lover. Lovers. And her husband knows all about them.

The Accidental Swinger
Things have become complicated for Martha and her lovers, the relationships becoming a bit less casual, a kind of reverse harem of lovers. Martha needs to work out her ties with all these people in her life. So one night she brings them all together, a chance to get to know each other. She never planned for that evening to take off the way it does, though. Two women, five guys, and seven very open minds…

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