$FREE on 11/11/2018 – A Dark and Indecent Proposal Part 2: Her Dark Temptation by Raven Merlot

“My husband is worthless!”

This thought has been running through Rose’s mind day after day. Frank has lost his job and is content to not only let his wife pay all the bills, but also wait on him hand and foot when she’s home.

Something has to change. She’s no longer even attracted to the man who used to be her High School sweetheart.

A financial and sexual lifeline gets thrown at her in the shape of Jimmy, a sexy client of hers. His obvious masculinity and financial resources lets Rose feel sexy and cared for.

But does Jimmy’s attention mean she has to end her marriage to Frank? Can Rose force her husband to become the man she deserves while finding security and satisfaction with Jimmy?

This story contains interracial romance, cuckolding, infidelity, and a lazy husband getting a lesson in how to treat his wife.

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