$FREE on 9/15/2018 – Wife For Rent by Sylvia Redmond

It was a situation that was quickly spiraling out of control. We were in dire straits and in desperate need of money. He came from out of nowhere, almost like a gift from heaven, and offered us a large sum of money. His only request? He wanted one night with my sexy wife.

I know what you're thinking, same old story, you've heard it a million times before.

Um, you've never heard it like this. This guy was a little – let's just call it perverted. I mean, the guy had his fetishes…

At first, I just thought he was just teasing her, but then it was like he was teasing me. He had certain, um, kinks. Oh, and he was hung like a donkey, did I mention that? I mean, a million dollars sounded like a lot of money, but come on.

And by the time the night was over, the two of us would never be the same…

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