$0.99 on 1/17/2021 – Bimbo Pill – New Wife by Nadia Nightside

I definitely shouldn’t have turned my boss’s wife into a seductive, ultra-busty, super-fit fertile goddess who can suck the intelligence out of anyone she wants. She’s basically a super-hot bimbofying heir-producing machine, and only does it because it makes her Husband and Owner really stupidly hard. Should not have done that. Okay? That’s on me. You caught me.
But I can fix this! I can make an antidote. I think. It might just kill her. But it might work! And in the meantime, I’ve got to keep my boss alive. I love him desperately, after all, even if I don’t understand why (or why he keeps showing me that shiny crystal of his…), and if I just transform him into a mega-stud to match his wife’s mega-babeness, he’ll be able to survive all the constant rutting with his new harem.
But god, I don’t know. Do I really want to stop it? Or do I just want to be a part of it…on top, clinging to him?

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