$0.99 on 10/12/2018 – Fanny Needs a Father by Huck Pilgrim

Fanny is a good-looking vixen. She is a little adventurous, especially when it comes to guys, but she goes to confession every Saturday and makes her behavior right. Father Harris has taken a keen interest in her because he knows she needs someone strong in her life now that her father has gone. Father Harris can afford to accommodate Fanny because his position in the community offers him great power. He enlists the aid of other men in the church, men Father Harris has known for a long time, from his vantage point in the confessional. When even that doesn't work, Father Harris takes matters into his own hands.

Will Fanny get what she needs? Yes. Is what she needs the same as what she wants? Perhaps. Desire is such a fickle thing, fueling all manner of toxic behavior and impropriety.

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