$0.99 on 2/16/2018 – Keeping Kelly by Jason Hutchinson

Kelly left Tucker a year ago…
But he's more than happy to have her back!

He'd loved her completely; but for her, the marriage had just been one of convenience.
His beautiful wife had apparently just used him to get permanent resident status, but nearly a year later she had to return home, facing possible deportation back to her home in Norway. Tucker's got a heart of gold, though, visiting a marriage counselor to get some idea about the best way to win her back.

That's where the power of WifeEye comes in, somehow converting his reluctant, estranged wife into a lust-craved hottie wanting nothing but to fulfill his every fantasy!

Jason Hutchinson thrills again with a new action-packed and plot-driven erotica series, this time following Tucker, the second recipient of the mysterious WifeEye devices!

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