$0.99 on 3/9/2018 – Joe Driscoll Gets Another Chance by Huck Pilgrim

In a crowded commuter train somewhere in Japan . . .

A man masturbates on a girl wearing a school uniform. The girl meekly watches. After, a boy from her school boards the train and flirts with her. She enjoys his attention, hiding the ejaculate running down her thigh. Meanwhile, another man discreetly rubs his penis on her, then feels her up. She must allow it, or suffer the shame of allowing her school friend to know she is being groped. When the boy disembarks, the man insists she suck his penis, then bangs her as the rest of the passengers watch. When the train arrives at her stop, the girl races from the train, leaving her panties behind.

Welcome to Carnal, a graphic universe with the most wicked stories.

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