$0.99 on 5/4/2022 – Elf Princess Bred By The Orc Sorcerer by Edward Allen Taylor

These are troubling times for the elven kingdom of Hui' Loceish. Rumors run amok of orc armies invading the lands, but it can't be because the orcs haven't dared to step foot on elvish land in millennia! King Eloph is discussing the situation with his advisors, while his lovely daughter, Princess El' Lurell, stands nearby listening. Then the unthinkable occurs. The orc sorcerer, Rhul' Ghar, the leader of the orcish raids, freezes the king and his advisors. He makes the princess a proposition: come back to his lair so that he may breed her or he will destroy her kingdom. She is of age, but her father had been saving her chastity for the prince of another elven kingdom. But she needs to save her father and her people! What is she to do? She agrees to the orcs proposition, but what comes is a shock to the young princess and she will never be the same again!

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