$0.99 on 6/27/2019 – Mesmerized Lust: A Bundle by Nadia Nightside

Getting the girl isn’t easy for some guys. No matter how badly they want to bring a sexy babe to her knees and make her serve, she’s always been out of reach…until now. In these TWENTY hot stories, the underdog always gets what he deserves. With a magic trinket, special tool, or secret power, they’re able to collect harems of gorgeous young women and change their minds until they’re desperate to obey. These fertile, buxom bimbo delights become simpering hot giggly trophies for these lucky guys—and often the guys become Hard-Bodied Alpha Males themselves, with giant members able to satisfy and exhaust their new loving collection of beauties with fountains of white hot seed. They don’t use protection, they don’t have any limits, and they definitely don’t take “no” for an answer.

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