$0.99 on 6/29/2018 – A Piece of Cindy by Huck Pilgrim

A girl and her BFF get in over their heads with a bad crowd at a bar. One of the girls is taken by an evil man. The other girl ends up under the table in a back room filled with men, providing a “complimentary service” for all the guys. She falls asleep and dreams her dad is at the table. In her dream, dad discovers her under the table, pays the owner, and then “accepts” her as a bad girl. Afterward, she goes to the bathroom, finds her best friend being humiliated, and is forced to participate. As she's doing that, she wakes up under the table, realizing it was all a terrible dream. As if to prove it, her father shows up at the bar and rescues her. Later, she realizes that her friend is still trapped in the dream. She must find a way back into the dream to help or risk losing her best friend forever.

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