$FREE on 12/24/2020 – Bimbo Processing Unit – Needy Boss by Nadia Nightside

John used to be hard-luck, now he’s just plain HARD. The special VR Helmet he found has turned his home life into an erotic wonderland, with the women of the house becoming his fertile, bimbofied sexual playthings. They beg for his seed, need to carry his heirs, and sport devilishly hot bodies with overflowing cups. Even his hot neighbors, formerly so cruel and callous, begin to serve with happy smiles. When his beautiful, hard-line, snobby boss Sharon investigates to see where he’s been, she uncovers the secrets of his sensual harem almost right away. But instead of scared, she’s turned on. And instead of running, she wants to make sure she’s in his good graces by bringing him another super hot babe to own along with herself!

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