$FREE on 6/12/2022 – The Bimbo Fix – His Rival by Nadia Nightside

“I don’t want to give in…but I can’t help it!”
Stephen, hounded by a town full of beautiful, buxom, fertile babes who ache to serve his every erotic need, is desperate for answers. He tracks down the one woman who he knows for certain hates his guts—Rhonda, a rival lawyer with a pending lawsuit set to bleed him dry. When she thankfully seems unaffected, they make a break for it—but the changes of the town are changing Stephen too, and he’s becoming such a stud that even Rhonda’s hate will soon be outmatched by her growing lust for his newly massive, virile member unless they can figure out some answers. Even worse, their break for freedom takes a sharp u-turn when they pick up a hitchhiking first-time babe who turns out to be a seductive, stud-craving siren. Will Stephen resist his newfound masculinity, or give in to the aching, sopping wet needs of the women who want to provide him as many heirs as possible?

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