$FREE on 8/4/2021 – Haughty Queen Cravings by Nadia Nightside

“I won’t kneel for anyone else. They don’t mean anything to me. But You…You’re my whole world, Sir. Please let me serve?”
It’s easy to bang a brainless bimbo babe. That’s why we love them! After all, a good little bimbo doll has an empty head, kneels more than she stands, and begs more than she speaks. But sometimes, a man wants something…more. A woman with class, dignity, and elegance. A woman so completely gorgeous, so utterly unattainable, so demanding and arrogant and vain that no man could ever tame her. She’s so gorgeous she makes the artwork in museums weep. Men watch her and leave their wives; women notice her and break down crying; she sees everyone and delights in their lustful agony…but. Her True Purpose? Her One Goal? She needs to Kneel before her One True God, adore his massively virile member, beg for his heir-making seed filling up her body, and beg him to control her mind (and the minds of other gorgeous babes) as much as she wants. Because women belong on their knees in front of men…and so that means the most gorgeous women of all belong on their knees in front of the most powerful man.

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