$FREE on 8/8/2019 – Activation Day: A Lesbian Hypnosis Fantasy by Ella Ford

Jennifer Stroud was young, attractive and successful, but also achingly unfulfilled. The weight of responsibility and expectation that weighed down on her made her feel as though she might burst from the pressure. She knew she wanted something else, something better, to be free of that burden and stress, but she didn’t know how to get it. Then, from out of nowhere, she stumbled upon an ad in a local newspaper—“Dial ‘M’ For Mindless”—and she decided to take a chance…

Dana Black is an older woman with a unique calling. An expert in mental domination, she gives girls what they want, what they need most of all, addressing her own sordid desires along the way. With suggestion and conditioning, Dana Black prepares these girls for the most important day of their lives, their “Activation Day”. The first day of their new existence, the beginning of what they crave the most, to be mindless and blank and perfectly obedient, free at last, the perfect girl for the powerful women who would control them…

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