$FREE on 9/21/2019 – Captured Alien Sex Toy by X. Terrestre

Violet was having a glass of wine with her friend Katy when she was suddenly abducted and transported to a Military Motivational Facility on the planet Urrew. That's where hard-working soldiers get “bonuses” of an hour with a woman to do whatever they like. Since their population was 97% male, this was a rare and special treat. In the mission to win the long, brutal war on the far side of the galaxy, improving both morale and recruitment was crucial. These Military Mistresses were revered, and the long hours of constant sex was a strange new life, but their implants make them happy, peaceful, and incredibly orgasmic. Violet adjusts to her new career as a hot sex toy for alien soldiers (some of them with anatomy a bit different than humans), and discovers that she absolutely loves the attention, the adoration, and the constantly surprising sex!

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